Watch Free Hulu Shows on Yahoo View Outside USA

Are you a fan of watching shows on Hulu? If so you’ll be interested to know that Hulu is transitioning their free content over to a new streaming service called Yahoo View. The partnership with Yahoo will bring the same content to the new Yahoo View website. The geo restrictions have not changed. You will need to either be in the United States or use a Smart DNS service to watch Yahoo View outside the USA.

Yahoo View

Yahoo View will let you watch TV shows free online just as Hulu did in the past. The service is ad-supported. You will watch a series of ads, but the content is free to watch. This is a great opportunity to catch up on your favorite shows. Some of the most popular selections include Quantico, The Catch, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Empire, and New Girl. All together on the new site for your viewing pleasure.

You can expect to find the last 5 episodes of popular shows. We found that some shows had more episodes online. For example, Empire had 9 episodes available to stream. It’s hard to complain about free content. Sure you have to watch commercials but Yahoo View does not require a subscription. You don’t even need to register for a free account to catch up on your favorite shows or find new content.

When you visit the Yahoo View homepage you will be greeted with a list of popular shows. You can watch the latest episodes or explore shows by genre. The top genres include anime, comedy, documentary, drama, family and kids, informational, news, reality and game shows. The site also has sections for anime, family, Korean drama, British, and Latino. While the selection won’t replace your Netflix addiction anytime soon, Yahoo View also has a list of movies that you can stream for free.

You can expect to find the latest episodes of NBC, ABC, and Fox shows. Yahoo is mixing in some social features with the integration of Tumblr. Fans will be able to watch clips and extras from Tumblr. If that’s not for you, Yahoo View gives you the ability to hide the “beyond the episode” Tumblr area. This will help you keep from seeing any spoilers. Then again, if that’s your thing go for it. Yahoo is giving you the option to enjoy content from a community of fans for each show.

Best Smart DNS to Watch Yahoo View

There are a few Smart DNS services to choose from.  For streaming tv shows and movies, the company should be reliable and be able to unblock the services you plan to watch. You don’t want to get ready to catch up on your favorite shows, and not have access to them. Receiving a restricted access message is not fun. Why should you have to miss any of your favorite shows? Here are some SmartDNS services that will handle the job.

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The Smart DNS providers listed above offer free trials. The trials are open to all new members and do not require any payment information. The companies understand you need time to test their services. Just enter your email address and test out the services free of charge. The free trial will give you plenty of time to watch the first few episodes of the Voice and test other channels.


we enjoy using Unblock-Us for streaming TV shows. The service is very straight forward and easily operated. They have a full list of channels along with supported devices. You can use the service on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, game console, media player and more.  Unblock-Us was one of the first Smart DNS services on the market, and is a very reputable company. It is also our favorite because it’s always reliable.  We have never had any sort of issue when using the service.

For those who want to add privacy protection, we suggest OverPlay. They offer VPN access in addition to Smart DNS, but you don’t need a VPN if you only want to watch Yahoo View. You could also use a VPN, but some companies are cracking down on those, and it is really just overkill if you want to unblock content. However, a VPN is a good choice for those who want an encrypted connection.

You don’t have to miss any of the free content on Yahoo View. Just use a SmartDNS service, and you can watch on your computer. Hopefully they will add TV, phone, tablet, game console or even media player viewing in the future. Please share our post with your friends so they can unblock Yahoo View as well, and watch shows from outside the USA. Follow us @SmartDNSFan for the latest Smart DNS guides and deals.