Watch US Netflix from Anywhere Without a VPN

Netflix is by far the largest streaming company in the world. Their stated goal was to be a global provider by the end of 2016. However, they were able to accomplish that goal with a few exceptions earlier than planned. That is a good thing, unless you want to watch Netflix from a different region than you are currently in. For years, Netflix users from outside of the US have used VPNs or different mobile apps to watch American content. That is because the US library of content contains many more titles than other versions.

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Though the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, knew of these actions, he seemed to be okay with the idea. Unfortunately, with the announcement of Netflix becoming global, other information came out that suggested otherwise. Instead of banning VPN users, the company announced it would make efforts to stop users from seeing content outside of their region. As promised, that has happened.

There is another option, though. If you want to view content from other regions, you can still use a SmartDNS service. What does it do? A SmartDNS service will change your computer’s settings so you appear to be located in a different country. Let’s take a look at some advantages to exploring this option.

  • Compatibility – Though many VPN providers offer software for different operating systems, SmartDNS services may be configured on virtually anything that connects to the web. That way, if a new device comes out, you won’t have to worry about software availability.
  • Speed – Speed is another advantage of using SmartDNS. Because VPNs are encrypted, there is always a speed loss. If you just want to unblock content, encryption is not neccessary.
  • Price – Prices for Smart DNS services are usually half the price of using a VPN. If you are using a VPN to unblock different regions of Netflix, expect to pay about $4.99 a month for SmartDNS.
  • Ease of setup – Although setting up a VPN isn’t all that difficult, SmartDNS setup is easier. With most providers, you have the option of manually setting up the service, or you may click a link that will do it for you automatically.

When Netflix announced they wanted to be a global brand, some questioned if that could be done. In their blog post, they stated that they wanted to move towards a time when rights were licensed globally. Whereas that may be in the future, it is not something that is possible now. Until it is, Smart DNS remains the best option for watching US Netflix, if you are not there. Here is how to do it.

How to Watch Netflix USA from Anywhere

Since Netflix is trying to block VPN usage, you’ll need a Smart DNS service to watch the US version from other regions. Since that is Netflix’s biggest library, any provider you use will make sure it is available to watch by using the service. Though licensing is not global yet, there is no reason why you should be limited because of your location.

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The Smart DNS providers listed above offer free trials. These trials are open to all new members and do not require any payment information. The providers understand that you want to test their services before buying. All it requires is for you to enter your email address and you may test out their services free of charge. That should give you ample time to watch the US version of Netflix, or other US based streaming sites like Hulu or the musical streaming company, Pandora.


In the picture above, we show the start page for our favorite provider, Unblock-Us. The service is easy to set up and is quite dependable. They have a full list of channels and supported devices as well. You can use the service on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, game console, media player and more. Unblock-Us was one of the first Smart DNS services on the market, and they have developed a solid reputation. We recommend Unblock-Us because we get a consistent performance. We never have any problems with their service.

Another suggestion we have is OverPlay. They offer a Jetswitch feature that will help you change regions of Netflix easily. Though they also offer a VPN service, so if you are interested in trying other channels, it will provide you with the ability to encrypt your traffic. If you encounter other providers that block VPNs though, you will experience the same issue. Other content providers like Hulu also try to block VPNs from being used on their sites. That said, a VPN is a good choice for those who want an encrypted connection, providing it works for your purposes. Please don’t heisitate to visit our VPN Fan site to compare all your options.

Don’t get limited to your home region of Netflix, watch the USA version by using a Smart DNS. Enjoy on your computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, gaming console, or even Blackberry. Simply setup the service, and watch today. Please share this post with your friends so they can use the benefits of Smart DNS as well. Follow us @SmartDNSFan for the latest Smart DNS guides and deals.