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The Union of European Football Associations champions league is an annual football competition arranged by the UEFA and is designated for the top division clubs in Europe. In 2016, the tournament will be held in Toulouse, France between the dates of June 10th and July 10th and tickets go on sale around a year in advance. Unlike most sports where qualifying for a championship spot is done shortly before the event, qualifying for the European Cup is done the year before. Since the champions league is for top divison teams that qualify, those that do not qualify may be eligible for the Europa League. Watch the broadcast from anywhere using a Smart DNS.

Toulouse Stadium

Founded in 1955, this popular cup pits the best 32 teams in Europe against each other in a double round robin fashion. The previous year’s winners are automatically qualified for the next year’s event. The football clubs are divided in to 8 groups of 4 each. Seeding is based on a drawing system and in the beginning rounds, two teams from the same association may not be drawn against each other. From the quarter-finals on, the draw is completely random and the association rules no longer apply.

The winner of the European Cup for that year gets a trophy presented to them to hold on to until the next year. That said, if a team has won three years in a row, or a total of five times, a full scale replica of the cup is presented to the club for them to keep.  The current trophy has been used since 1967, after the Real Madrid F.C. was given the original in 1966 in acknowledgement of the six titles to that time. As of the 2012-13 season, 40 gold medals were also given to the winners, and 40 silver medals were given to the second place finishers.

Needless to say, advertising is a big part of the Euro Cup. In 1992, it was decided that up to 8 companies would be able to sponsor the event with 4 boards each in combination with pre and post match placement and a deal that gave priority handling with commercials to the sponsors. Currently, those sponsors are,

  • Mastercard
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
  • Nissan
  • Gazprom
  • Heineken
  • Unicredit
  • HTC
  • PepsiCo

So, the UEFA EURO 2016 is guaranteed to be an unforgettable time. Whether you are one of the lucky ones to be amongst the 35,000+ screaming football fans, or streaming it online, be sure not to miss a moment of the action using a good Smart DNS service. Who will win the cup in 2016? Stay tuned to find out.

Best Smart DNS to Watch the UEFA Champions League

You have a few Smart DNS services to choose from. When it comes to streaming live sporting events you want to make sure the company is reliable and ready to unblock the channels you plan to watch on the device you plan to stream them on.  The last thing you want to do is get ready to watch a UEFA Champions League match and be disappointed.  Visiting a site only to be greeted by a restricted access message is never fun but it’s especially annoying when you’re trying to watch your favorite team compete.  Here are some services that are up to the task.

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The Smart DNS providers listed above offer free trials. The trials are open to all new members and do not require any payment information. The companies understand you need time to test their services. Just enter your email address and test out the services free of charge. The free trial will give you plenty of time to watch the beginning of the UEFA Champions League season and test other channels.


I enjoy using Unblock-Us for live events. The service is easy to set up and is quite reliable. They have a full list of channels along with supported devices. You can use the service on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, game console, media player and more.  Unblock-Us was one of the first Smart DNS services to launch and has built up a great reputation. Unblock-Us is my favorite because it’s always worked.  I haven’t had any hassles or complications with the service.

For those who want to add privacy protection I suggest OverPlay. They offer VPN access in addition to Smart DNS. You don’t need a VPN to unblock geographic restrictions. A VPN will work for that purpose but it’s more expensive and overkill if you just want to unblock geo restrictions. Some content providers like Hulu try to block VPN’s from accessing their sites. A VPN is a good choice for those who want an encrypted connection.

Don’t miss a minute of the action. Watch your favorite team compete in the 2015-2016 UEFA Champions League with Smart DNS. Watch on your tv, phone, tablet, game console or media player.  Please share our post with your friends so they can enjoy the big event as well. Follow us @SmartDNSFan for the latest Smart DNS guides and deals.