Watch the Olympics Live Online

One of the most watched events around the world is the Olympics. In 2016, the Summer Olympics will start on August 5th, and finish on August 21st. This year, every country but Greenland will be competing in the games. Because of that, finding TV coverage should be easy. The problem is, if you want to watch other coverage than what’s offered, you would be blocked. That is why you would need to use SmartDNS for the Olympics.

Olympics Smart DNS

2016 marks 120 years of the modern Olympics. Then, only men from 14 countries participated. Now, men and women from nearly every country compete for the chance to be the best in the world. Which athletes will be dominant? You will have to tune in to find out.

Depending on the event, some countries are stronger than others. The country with the highest medal count is the United States. However, sometimes the results of an event may be surprising. No one would have ever thought that a runner from Grenada would win the Gold Medal in the last Olympics. That was the first time that any athlete from Grenada won a medal in any sport. He returns this year to hold on to his crown.

Another example of an athlete from a small country doing well is the Jamaican born runner, Usain Bolt. There is no question that he is the fastest man in history. This year, Mr. Bolt is competing in his last Olympics. You will want to watch his epic races as he blazes the track. Will he make it through the events undefeated? That question can be answered by watching.

Due to time restrictions, many events may be happening at the same time. Let’s say that you wanted to watch Usain Bolt run, but you could only find coverage of a swimming competition. By using a Smart DNS to watch the Olympics, you would be able to use different viewing options. There is no reason why you should have to miss the events you want to see. We will now explain how to use a Smart DNS to watch the Olympics

Best Smart DNS to Watch the Olympics

There are several factors to look at when choosing a Smart DNS service. If you want to stream live events like the Olympics, the provider should be dependable. They should also be able unblock the channels you want to use. The last thing you want is your favorite event to get moved without a way to watch it. No one wants to get a restricted access message when cheering on their country. You should not have to miss an event. Here are a few of our favorite SmartDNS providers.

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For those that want to test the service first, Unblock-Us offers a 7 day free trial to all new members. It is truly free, and you don’t have to enter payment information. Simply enter your email address, and you can test their service. That should give you enough time to watch your favorite event, or keep it and watch them all.


Unblock-Us is the best choice for live events. The service makes setup easy and dependable. You can use the service on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, game console, media player and almost anything else that is connected to the internet. They also have a full list of channels. Unblock-Us was one of the first Smart DNS services to launch, and has a solid reputation in the industry. We have yet to encounter a problem with the Unblock-Us service.

To add a layer of privacy protection, OverPlay is a good solution. In addition to Smart DNS, the offer a VPN service. For unblocking channels though, a VPN is not needed. It would work for that purpose, but you will have some speed loss. Lately, some content providers are doing whatever they can to block VPNs. If you want an encrypted connection, use a VPN.

Don’t miss any of the events in the Olympics this year in Rio. Enjoy the action from anywhere by using a SmartDNS service to  Watch on your TV, phone, tablet, game console or even media player. If you have friends that like to watch the Olympics, be sure to share this post with them. Follow us @SmartDNSFan for the latest Smart DNS guides and deals.