NFL Game Pass Adds Support for Apple TV

Those in the United States have long since been left out of the NFL Game Pass service that users in other countries can use to watch live streaming football games.  Viewers in the U. S. can still turn to Smart DNS services to get around the geographic restrictions.  Now instead of just watching the games on your phone or tablet, the NFL Game Pass is adding support for Apple TV, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.  They promise more devices to come.  With the NFL season just around the corner the addition of Apple TV and the game consoles will give football fans a chance to watch NFL Game Pass on their television this year.

NFL Game Pass supported devices

You can expect the new NFL Game Pass to replace NFL Rewind in the United States.  Don’t get too excited though since the same limitations still apply to U. S. viewers.  The only major difference we see is the ability to watch games on your television.  The regular season football games will still be delayed.  The only games that will be available live are out of market preseason games.  Otherwise you can expect to watch the regular season games after they end.  That’s why we still suggest using a Smart DNS service so you can enjoy live NFL games from anywhere.

The addition of Apple TV, Xbox 360, and Xbox One will give NFL Game Pass members the chance to stream the football games to their television for the first time.  In the past you had to watch on your mobile phone or tablet.  Of course the service will continue to support iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.  Their site hints that more TV devices will be coming soon.  Hopefully the NFL will add a Roku channel for NFL Game Pass before the new season kicks off.  We also hope to see support for Sony game consoles (PS3, PS4) in the weeks to come.