Netflix Launches in Spain, Italy, Portugal

Netflix will be expanding their video streaming service into three new countries in Europe this week.  The roll out will start as Netflix launches in Spain on Tuesday, October 20th.  Then on Thursday, October 22nd, Netflix will be introduced in both Italy and Portugal.  The service is expected to cost €8 a month which is the equivalent of about $9 a month.  That’s a bit less than the recently announced price hike to $9.99 a month in the United States.  However, the difference in titles makes the U. S. version well worth the price.  Netflix subscribers in other parts of the world can still use a Smart DNS service like Unblock US to switch between Netflix regions and watch content in multiple regions.


Netflix continues to expand their service with visions of having a worldwide reach by the end of 2016.  They are well on their way this year with a major launch in Australia and New Zealand.  That was followed by a more recent launch in Japan.  The introduction of Netflix to Spain, Italy, and Portugal could bring millions of new users to Netflix.  The downside is that users in these countries will be limited to a small percentage of the content available in the United States.  While all users have access to the Netflix Original series, a lot of popular shows and movies are restricted based on your location.

Netflix and other popular streaming services use geo-restrictions to control the content library that users in each region can access.  This can cause issues for those who travel or just want to watch content available in other regions.  That’s where a good Smart DNS service comes into play.  You can use a Smart DNS to switch between regions.  Regardless of what country you signed up for Netflix in, the Smart DNS service will let you switch regions anytime you want.  Watch content available in the US, UK, Brazil, etc.  You can select the region and switch between them.  OverPlay offers a feature called JetSwitch that will help you easily switch between regions and enjoy all the Netflix content libraries.

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