Netflix Goes Global

It’s official, the world’s leading internet TV service, Netflix, is now available in 190 countries. Last year, the company stated a goal to be in every country by the end of 2016. Founder and CEO Reed Hastings announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that it was now global. That means there are only a handful of countries that the service is not available in, but they may change shortly.

Netflix Kids

If you live in China, the Crimea, Syria, or North Korea, you do not have access to the service. That said, there are still negotiations with China to make the service available there. On January 6th, Netflix added Arabic, Korean, and simplified and traditional Chinese to the 17 languages it already supports. The language primarily used for these new areas is English.

When Netflix launched their streaming service in 2007, Hastings told the public that he wanted to be the largest streaming company in the world. With such a lofty goal, there were many skeptics. Some thought his objectives were overly ambitious. Clearly, Mr. Hastings has proved the critics wrong, and has succeeded where others have failed.

From the viewing aspect, 2016 brings 31 new and returning original content series to the screen. The largest content library in the world is still the US. With the exception of the original programming, different countries have different licensing rights. Interestingly, movies and shows that are not available in the United States may be watched in other regions.

They all have done a great job in marketing and development, and almost anything that you can stream to has Netflix availability. If you want to watch other regions of Netflix, they do not offer a solution, however, we do. Because of it’s popularity, there are tools that may be used to change regions. One of ways you can easily do that, is with a SmartDNS service. That will quickly allow you to change to any region you wish to view.