Hayu Launches in the UK

For all of the fans of American reality TV in the UK and Australia, NBCUniversal is launching their newest offering, Hayu. What Hayu is, is an on demand all reality streaming service that will be fully integrated into social media. Though it has popular shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians, it also has other great shows like Top Chef, Snapped, Recipe for Deception, Millionaire Matchmaker, and many more.


NBCU makes so many TV shows that they are trying their hand at the UK and Australian markets. The new channel will feature over 50 series in their reality TV catalog that have never been shown there before. Now, you can find out the latest Kim K drama without having to use any special tools. More than 3,000 episodes exist on this service, and for 5 Euros/mo, you can watch as much as you like. If you want to try out the service first, there is a 30 day free trial.

This is a brilliant move by Kevin MacLellan, chairman of NBCUniversal Intl. With the popularity of reality shows of all types, exporting content to other countries just makes sense. There is quite a bit of content to be watched, and 500+ episodes are to be added every year. Of course, the service will be available on iOS, Android, game consoles, and even some connected TVs.

So if you are a reality TV fan and you live in the UK or Australia, you can take advantage of the free trial, and see if you are ready to watch more or not. Many in the US already enjoy watching many of the shows that are on the service, so here is your chance to see them as well. You could even watch Gordon Ramsay on Master Chef, or former Olympic athlete Caitlin Jenner on I am Cait. No matter what your favorites are, they can be found there.