Disney Launches DisneyLife for Streaming

Disney fans will be excited to hear that Disney is hopping into the streaming space with their new DisneyLife service.  DisneyLife will allow fans to enjoy Disney movies, television shows, music, audiobooks, and e-books. Right now the service is only available to those in the United Kingdom.  They plan to roll the service out to other countries in Europe in the months to come.  UK residents who travel and those who want access to DisneyLife from outside the country will need a Smart DNS service or VPN Provider to access the service.  Otherwise their geo-blocking technology will restrict you to viewing from the UK.


DisneyLife is currently giving new users a month of free access to try the service.  After the free trial the price is £9.99 a month.  The cost includes unlimited access to their app for iOS and Android devices.  You can stream content to your television using AirPlay or Chromecast.  You will find a wide assortment of movies along with box sets of some of Disney’s favorite kids shows.  The service also includes access to soundtracks, audiobooks and e-books.  To top it off you can also choose a game to download each month.  Their app selection includes games with some of your kid’s favorite Disney characters.

Disney plans to extend DisneyLife to other European countries including Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.  From there they will likely expand beyond Europe.  Will DisneyLife be competition for Netflix?  If depends on the market.  They have content agreements based on region.  For example, Netflix has exclusive access to Disney films released in the United States.  They are working on a deal to show Star Wars films in Latin America.  There’s no question that streaming is taking over the television and movie landscape.  As it does the competition between streaming services and content owners will continue to heat up.

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