Digitally Imported Streaming Music Service

Last week we wrote about the upcoming Apple Music service.  It’s no surprise to our readers that subscription music services are quickly gaining in popularity.  The latest company to join in on the competition is Digitally Imported.  The site is well known among electronic music fans.  As the name suggests they import streams of popular electronic artists.  They also have several radio channels to bring all the best electronic music to listeners.  Digitally Imported is launching their on demand streaming music subscription service this summer in the United States with plans to expand into Europe in the future.  In time I’m sure some of our favorite Smart DNS services will support the channel for those in other areas of the world.

Digitally Imported

What can you expect from the latest music service to offer on demand streaming?  A lot of people will likely try to compare Digitally Imported to Apple Music since both are launching this summer.  I don’t think that’s a fair comparison.  Digitally Imported isn’t trying to go head to head with Apple.  They know their niche well and should be able to extend their service to a wider fan base with the new on demand streaming option.

Let’s take a look at the cost for the new streaming music service:

Digitally Imported pricing

As you can see the Digitally Imported premium plan is priced at $7 a month, $70 a year, or $120 for two years.  The premium membership will let you watch live shows on demand and start them from the beginning if you happen to jump in late.  As a premium member you won’t be bothered by ads.  You will enjoy high quality audio with 320k MP3 streams.  That’s compared to a lower quality stream of 64k AAC for those listening for free.

Catch the latest electronic music shows like Abandon Logic, Old Norsk Session, Cycles Radio, Together In The Dark, Behind the Iron Curtain, and hundreds more on the new Digitally Imported on demand music service.  Right now the streaming service is only available through their website but they plan to extend the on demand service with mobile apps coming soon.