Cord Cutting Options Grow in 2016

If you are in the 10% of the population that are called cord cutters, your options will increase in 2016. For those that do not know what a cord cutter is, we will explain. Cord cutters are people that have decided to dump their satellite and cable TV services, so they can pick and choose what they pay for. Internet speeds and streaming devices have helped to facilitate these types of changes.

Cord Cutters

The new year will bring stiffer competition between the current providers. Because of the success that Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have enjoyed, there are slated to be more original series in 2016. All 3 have scored hits with their original programming, and those series can be a real draw for those providers. Marvel Comics’ contract with Netflix is a good example, and it is clear that they know their target audience.

Of course, you will still find favorite streaming services like HBO Now. Until 2015, people had to result to other measures to see one of the most talked about shows of all time, Game of Thrones. Instead of paying for expensive cable or satellite packages just watch that show, they really hit a home run by allowing it to be viewed online as an independent service. As more channels see benefits of this model, the number streaming channels will also increase, because they will see that direct offers to the public can succeed, according to USA Today.

One of the big factors for those worried about cord cutting are sports broadcasts. Typically, viewers want to watch games as they happen, instead of later. Though Sony has started offering a pay-tv service that provides many network channels like NBC, CBS, and others, channels like ESPN and ABC are offered by other providers. The bottom line is, if you are a cord cutter or thinking of becoming one, there is fierce competition for your money. It is nice to be appreciated again, instead of feeling like we are being taken advantage of by the multi-channel operators. Remember, if you want to watch US programming and you are not in the US, you would need to use a Smart DNS.