Comcast Xfinity Streaming Games Service

Earlier this week we shared the news that Comcast is launching a streaming video service aptly named Stream.  It appears the Comcast team is putting some effort into gaming as well.  Comcast has prtnered with Electronic Arts to stream EA games through a new Xfinity Games service.  Customers that subscribe to Xfinity Internet and have an X1 set-top box on the X1 Entertainment operating system are eligible for the beta.

Comcast Xfinity Games

What will Comcast’s new streaming game service offer?  For starters it will give users access to a growing number of Electronic Arts (EA) games without the need for a game console.  That’s right, you won’t need a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, or Xbox One to play Xfinity Games.  Comcast will host the games and stream them through your X1 set top box to your television.  From there you can use your mobile phone or tablet as a controller.  The service supports both iOS and Android devices.

Are you eligible for Xfinity Games?  For starters you need to be a Comcast Xfinity Internet customer.  If you already have Xfinity Internet access the only other requirement is an X1 set top box with the X1 Entertainment operating system.  Their site lists several eligible devices including Pace XG1v1, Pace XG1v3, Arris XG1v1 and Pace Xi3v2.  What will the service cost?  We’re not sure yet as Xfinity Games is still in the beta testing phase.

I like the idea of streaming video games directly to my television without the need for a PC or game console.  Since I’m not a Comcast customer I won’t be trying the new service but it sounds interesting.  There are some drawbacks.  For starters you can not play games online against friends.  Everyone needs to be in the same room to play.  You are also confined to your own home so there is no way to enjoy the streaming gaming service while on the go.  The games shown on their site are also out of date.  We assume they will be adding more recent titles.