BroadwayHD Focuses on Theater Fans

Move over Netflix, a new streaming service is launching that will cater to fans of the theater.  BroadwayHD officially launched on October 23 in New York City.  It’s hard to compare a streaming service to the competition since Netflix has so many titles.  In the case of BroadwayHD it’s not as difficult since the site is clearly targeting fans of the theater.  You will find about 100 titles on their site.  We were hoping for more current NYC shows but the selection isn’t quite there.  At least not yet.  Instead they have several shows courtesy of the BBC.  You will still find popular shows like Memphis, Romeo and Juliet, Jekyll and Hyde, and more.


Now a days you can find just about any content you want online, but live theater performances are an exception.  Broadway HD aims at changing that by focusing on shows that will interest theater fans.  They advertise that the service will bring the magic of theatre anywhere you can stream content.  If you spend any time on our site then you know that a SmartDNS service can help you access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world.

You can sign up for the new BroadwayHD service by visiting their website.  You will have a chance to test the service during their free trial period.  After the free trial ends you can rent individual shows for $7.99 each or subscribe to BroadwayHD for $14.99 a month or $169.99 a year.  You can browse through their selection of shows.  They have them broken out into categories and even have a “free to watch” section of content on the site.  This will give you access to the theater talk show, Curtain Time, interviews, and previews of popular shows.

Perhaps I’m too use to watching Netflix and Hulu, but the content list on BroadwayHD seems pretty thin.  However, it’s great to see a service launch that focuses on streaming theater performances.  I would imagine that the service will gain a larger selection as their subscription base grows.  In the meantime you can watch popular shows like Memphis and get a good feel for the service.

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