Best Holiday Smart DNS Deals

HolidaysWe’re excited to share a number of holiday specials from leading Smart DNS services.  The deals will start a few days before Black Friday and run through Cyber Monday.  Then we’ll come back and update the list with holiday promotions that will extend the savings through New Years Day.  Our goal is to keep an updated list of deals so you can enjoy deep savings on the best Smart DNS access throughout the holiday season.  Let’s take a look at some of the best Smart DNS offers of the year.  Some of our favorites are offering recurring (lifetime) discounts while others offer one-time discounts.

Best Holiday Smart DNS Deals

1Unblock-Us$4.1617%Unblock Us9.9
3Smart DNS Proxy$2.9157%Smart DNS Proxy9.0

Unblock Us

1. Unblock Us is offering a month of Smart DNS for just $4.16 a month

Unblock-Us is hands down my favorite Smart DNS service.  They offer a fast, reliable service at a fair price.  The service will help you unblock access to channels in 25 regions around the world.  They cover the largest markets (United States, United Kingdom, Canada) along with 12 other countries.  Giving you access to 500+ channels that would otherwise be restricted.

Unblock Us Coupon

When it comes to Smart DNS there isn’t that much to compare.  It really comes down to whether or not a service works.  Does it unblock the channels you want to watch?  How many regions do they offer?  Is the service fast and reliable?  What devices does it support and how extensive is their channel list?  That’s the criteria I use to review services.

Unblock-Us offers a large selection of channels in 25 countries around the world.  They support a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, game console, smart tv, media player, mobile phone, tablet and even your router.  Enjoy unlimited access to Unblock-Us on every device in your home for just $4.16 a month during their holiday promotion.


2. OverPlay is offering Smart DNS from just $3.12 a month

Unblock-Us is my favorite choice for those who want Smart DNS service.  OverPlay is my pick for those who may want something more.  It’s perfect for those who want the privacy protection of a VPN.  For unblocking access to channels in other countries Smart DNS alone is perfect but for those who want online privacy protection a VPN is a better option.


OverPlay offers both Smart DNS and VPN.  You can purchase Smart DNS as a stand alone service or subscribe to VPN and receive Smart DNS access for free.  I’ve been a VPN member for a long time and can speak to the quality of their service.  They offer VPN servers in 48 countries plus Smart DNS in 21 regions around the world.

During the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend OverPlay is having some extra fun.  They are offering all new Smart DNS members a free month of VPN service.  If you get in by Cyber Monday that’s great.  Otherwise they plan to continue the discount on their annual plans.  You can enjoy unlimited VPN from $6.25 a month or Smart DNS from $3.12 a month.

Smart DNS Proxy

3. Smart DNS Proxy offers access from just $2.91 a month

Smart DNS Proxy is newer to the market.  They launched in late 2013 and have been constantly growing ever since.  Smart DNS Proxy offers a solid service at a great price for those who want to sign up for a year or two years of access up front.  Monthly members will pay the same as you would elsewhere.

Smart DNS Proxy specials

As you can see the price starts at $4.90 a month with discounts offered on 3 month, 12 month and 24 month terms.  The deepest discount is 57% off the 24 month term.  Bring the price to $49.90 for two years of access.  They support over 200 channels in 29 countries around the world.  Enjoy unlimited Smart DNS from just $2.91 a month.

You can view our list of top 10 Smart DNS services for more options. I think you’ll be happy with any of the selections listed above. I chose them over other leading Smart DNS providers based on channel selection, supported devices, reliability and special pricing for the holidays. These services will help you unblock access to popular channels and each offers good quality for a very reasonable price. Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Follow us on Twitter @SmartDNSFan for the latest deals.